Driving After LASIK

November 29, 2019 — by Thomas Byrd, MD
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Driving toward a stop signDr. Thomas Byrd offers state-of-the-art LASIK surgery to people in the Detroit, Dearborn Heights, and Lincoln Park, MI area. While the advanced laser technology is key to proper patient care and achieving optimal vision quality, common sense aftercare is just as important for getting the best results. This is why we take the pre-op and post-op process so seriously.

While patients are healing, they need to take time to recover before returning to their normal activities. With that in mind, let’s take a moment to consider driving after LASIK. It’s always best to err on the side of caution, which is why the following post-op instructions are provided.

Can I Drive Myself Home After LASIK Surgery?


Driving after LASIK is never a good idea, even when the surgery is successful. Someone else should drive you home after the procedure.

Why Driving Home After LASIK Surgery Is Not a Good Idea

After undergoing LASIK, patients may be groggy due to the effects of local anesthetic. While many patients experience better vision soon after LASIK, it’s generally better to avoid getting behind the wheel of a vehicle just to be on the safe side. Your eyes are going to need time to heal, and you are going to need time to rest.

Have a Loved One Help You Home After LASIK

LASIK patients are told to bring a loved one with them to the practice. This loved one is present to help the LASIK patient get home. Whether you take a car, mass transit, or hire a cab or car service, having that loved one with you is essential as a precaution.

Can I Drive to the First LASIK Follow-Up Visit?


The first LASIK follow-up visit is the next day after the surgery. While a patient’s vision may be just fine, it’s still important to err on the side of caution. You should have a loved one drive you to the practice for that initial follow-up visit.

Can I Drive Home After the First LASIK Follow-Up Visit?

Probably, though this depends.

During the first follow-up visit, the LASIK surgeon asks patients how they’ve been in the last 24 hours. They will assess the health of the patient’s eyes and will then let the patient know if they can drive home on their own.

Most patients will be able to drive home after this first follow-up visit since they have recovered well and will not experience major vision fluctuations. Some patients, however, may be instructed to wait another day or so until they can safely drive themselves.

Use Caution When Driving at Night in the First Few Weeks

Even though you may be cleared to drive on your own, you should exercise caution when driving at night. A LASIK patient’s night vision can be spotty due to glare, halos, and issues with light sensitivity and contrast sensitivity.

When traveling at night, rely on mass transit, rides from friends and family, or car services until your night vision has returned to normal. Again, it’s always ideal to err on the side of safety.

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