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September 29, 2019 — by Thomas Byrd, MD
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Woman using lubricating eye dropsDry eye is more than just an inconvenience. It can make normal tasks excruciating, and it may even be the sign of a serious medical problem. Thankfully Dr. Thomas Byrd can help. He offers advanced eye care and vision treatment to people in Detroit, MI. His focus in on on clear vision and total wellness.

Below we want to go over some of the basics of dry eye and how eye drops can play a role in managing discomfort and redness. We’ll also note what to do if eye drops are ineffective.

The Causes of Dry Eye

Generally, the reason your eyes become dry and irritated is because moisture fails to remain in place on the eyes. This is the result of poor tear composition that causes tears to evaporate or get flushed out by the eyes.

Some common factors that contribute to dry eye attacks include:

  • Eye allergies
  • Seasonal allergies
  • Hormonal changes
  • Use of certain medications
  • LASIK surgery
  • Wearing contact lenses
  • Eye strain
  • Reduced blink rate

Why Liquid Tears Are So Helpful

Liquid tears deliver immediate relief and moisture to your eyes when they lack sufficient tears. These lubricating eye drops are specially formulated to relieve dryness and coat the eyes for lasting comfort. Whenever you experience a flare up of dry eye, you can use liquid tears to help keep the problem under control.

Over-the-Counter Drops for Dry Eye

Just because you have dry eye doesn’t mean you require major vision care at our Detroit center. Sometimes just using over-the-counter eye drops provides sufficient relief from itchiness and irritation. You can find these at local drug stores and convenience stores with ease.

If you have issues with dry eye, consider carrying over-the-counter eye drops with you at all times. This helps you take care of a dry eye attack as soon as it arises.

Prescription Drops for Dry Eye

For chronic and severe dry eye, over-the-counter drops may not be enough. That’s when prescription eye drops are recommended. These medicated eye drops will coat the eyes and provide moisture, but they can also treat inflammation and medical issues that contribute to dry eye attacks.

If you need prescription eye drops, be sure to take them as instructed. Never exceed the maximum dosage, and follow all of your doctor’s instructions to the letter. In other words, use over-the-counter eye drops to manage dry eye throughout the day, and only use your prescription eye drops when told to.

What If Eye Drops Are Ineffective?

If over-the-counter and prescription eye drops both prove ineffective, we can look into more invasive options for managing your dry eye. This could include punctal plugs or other options. We’ll be sure to provide this information during the consultation process. We can also provide information on at-home prevention of dry eye attacks.

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