Reducing Discomfort After LASIK

November 12, 2018 — by Thomas Byrd, MD
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Model of an eyeMore and more people are turning to laser eye surgery to address refractive errors. Custom LASIK surgery reduces dependence on corrective lenses, allowing you to see clearly without glasses or contacts. Detroit, MI laser eye surgeon Dr. Thomas Byrd achieves great results, with countless pleased patients.

Part of the reason patients at Byrd Eye Clinic are so satisfied is because we take post-op care seriously. With that in mind, here are some tips for reducing pain and discomfort after you have undergone LASIK surgery.

Avoid Eyestrain After LASIK

After you undergo LASIK surgery, be sure to avoid any activities that could lead to eyestrain or eye fatigue. That includes reading, checking messages or apps on your phone, using your laptop, watching television, or playing video games. By avoiding all of this for about a day, you can help improve healing time and reduce initial sensations of pain.

Get Lots of Rest

Rest is essential after any sort of surgery, including eye surgeries. Be sure to avoid strenuous physical activity and instead focus on relaxing. You can walk around, but avoid strenuous exercise and heavy lifting until your surgeon advises otherwise.

Take Pain Relievers as Directed

Sometimes the pain after LASIK can be an issue. If you need to, be sure to take recommended pain relievers as directed by your eye doctor. Do not exceed dosage. You should notice improvements in discomfort day by day.

Wear Eye Shields as Directed

Rubbing your eyes or accidentally touching your eyes can make complications more likely, and could lead to painful problems. This is why LASIK patients wear eye shields after surgery. These shields help guard the eyes from particles in the air and incident hand contact. Keep the guards on as your doctor advises.

Carry Lubricating Eye Drops at All Times

Dry eye and irritation are common side effects following eye surgery. When a dry eye attack comes about, liquid tears are extremely helpful in alleviating irritation. Be sure to carry lubricating eye drops with you for the next several weeks so these dry eye attacks can be addressed as soon as they arise.

Wear Sunglasses and a Hat with a Brim

After LASIK, your eyes will be extremely sensitive to bright lights. In order to reduce the amount of discomfort you experience, be sure to wear sunglasses while you are outdoors, and to wear a hat with a brim. Protecting your eyes from the sun is a good idea in general, so you may want to keep this up long after you’ve fully recovered.

Avoid Using Eye Makeup

Eye makeup can make eye infections after surgery more likely, and could also trigger irritation and itchiness. Be sure to avoid using eye makeup for a few weeks. Once you’ve healed, you can wear eyeshadow, eyeliner, and mascara again.

Avoid Smoky, Dusty, or Dry Environments

Your eyes will be very sensitive to the environment after LASIK surgery, so managing discomfort means avoiding uncomfortable situations. Do your best to avoid dry, dusty, or smoky places as these can trigger dry eye attacks and burning sensations.

Attend All Follow-Up Visits as Directed

After LASIK, patients will have several follow-up visits with their eye surgeon to monitor the healing process. Be sure to attend all of these as scheduled, and to contact your eye surgeon as soon as possible if problems arise.

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